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Austin 7 Cake

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And the winner of most challenging cake of the week goes to…..

Austin Seven Red Velvet Cake
Austin Seven Red Velvet Cake
This isn’t the greatest picture in the world, taken with my new iphone which, being technically incompetent, is taking me a while to get used to. However, this cake, which turned out lovely in the end took me hours to make.
The wheels were made with pastillage and edible modelling chocolate tyres so all the spokes are edible. The wheel arches are also edible. The only thing that isn’t edible is the windscreen which I tried several times to make out of sugar but kept breaking and not in the shape I wanted. Not only that, because I had to carve into the cake to create the seats the weight of the icing on the back started to pull the cake apart and I ended up having to take the icing off and recover it from scratch.
Suffice to say there were a few tears shed over this cake though thankfully it turned out all right in the end and the clients went away happy.
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