Corporate gingerbread gifts – why you NEED them for your clients

I’m going to do it. Yes. I really am. I am mentioning the C-word… Christmas for all you dirty minded folk out there! I know it’s only July but there are just 161 sleeps until Christmas Day and if I’m starting to think about gingerbread gifts so should you. I daresay we probably think about them in different … Read More

Harry Potter Cake

We were asked to create a very fabulous Harry Potter cake back in November and I have to say it turned out bloody brilliant even if I do say so myself. I flipping loved doing this cake and getting all the elements in there – the sorting hat, the glass, the wand and the snitch – it looks … Read More

Cake Pricing: Know what you’re worth and don’t be shy about it

Cake pricing is something that comes up time and time again for cake decorators and is something of an Achilles heel among us. Even experienced cake decorators still struggle with it – have I priced too high? Have I priced too low? Am I better or worse than my competitors? Will people think I am being greedy? What … Read More

Our 2015 Cakes Restrospective

I simply can’t believe another year has flown by so damn fast. I had all these grand plans and we have only managed to achieve a fraction of them, which leaves plenty of scope for more stuff in 2016. Our 2015 cakes though were fricking awesome and we are lucky to have some fantastic clients who let us create … Read More

Lego Cakes

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Everyone loves lego, young or old but it takes a bold person to decide to have it on their wedding cake. And yet, we are seeing an increasing number of people decide to introduce a bit of lego into their design. What I love about this is it perfectly combines traditional wedding cakes with a bit of fun … Read More

Easter Cookies with the Children

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Well Easter certainly snuck up on us! If you are like me and have school age children driving you potty at home you could always spend an afternoon making Easter cookies with them like these… They are really easy to make and certainly keep my two amused for a couple of hours. The cutters are readily available online … Read More

Rise in Companies Choosing Gingerbread Houses as Corporate Christmas Gifts

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Christmas cakes knocked off the top spot for must-have coporate Christmas gifts A GROWING number of companies are shunning the traditional fruit cake and instead choosing hand made gingerbread houses to give as thank you corporate christmas gifts to their clients this Christmas. Business owners are increasingly looking for something different and tasty that they can personalise and impress their … Read More

The Naked Cakes Trend

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This year has been our busiest so far for cakes without icing or so-called naked cakes. The trend shows no signs of abating with more and more couples opting for a natural looking cake laden with fresh summer fruits. And there are certainly many advantages to having them. Fresher as they are made literally the night before the wedding and … Read More

Making the Perfect Christmas Cake – Part Two

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    Marzipanning Your Cake Once your cake has had two or three months to mature and soak up some booze it’s time to cover it in marzipan and icing, sealing in all that lovely fruit and flavour. Take out your cake from wherever you have stored it and unwrap completely. You will need a cake drum, available in … Read More

How to Make the Perfect Christmas Cake – Part One

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  IT IS less than two months to go until Christmas and if you haven’t done so already then now is the time to bake your Christmas cake. Get it in the oven now and then you will have at least six weeks to soak in plenty of brandy or whiskey, depending on which tipple you prefer. I … Read More

The Making of the Millennium Falcon Cake

We have done several Millennium Falcon cakes over the years – some for birthdays, the odd one for weddings – and it is quite clear the enthusiasm for Star Wars remains as strong as ever. As time has gone on we have perfected our techniques for producing Millennium Falcon cakes and after some trial and error we have … Read More

Brighton and Hove Food Festival

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  We had an awesome weekend at the Brighton and Hove Food Festival over the Easter weekend with our wonderful Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows. To say they went down a storm would be an understatement. Everybody loved them!! In fact, they went down so well we sold out of all 2000 we had made and ended up having … Read More

What’s the Best Way to Eat a Marshmallow?

So how do you eat a marshmallow? This question has been plaguing me for a while now because each time I think I have cracked it I change my mind. Sometimes, especially when they are fresh, I enjoy pulling them right out of the packet or even before when the dusting of cornflour and icing sugar has barely … Read More

Graffiti Cakes

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Graffiti art is as brilliant as it is subversive and has gained momentum in prominent years with works by the likes of Banksy popping up all over the place. Many of the buildings in the colourful North Laine of Brighton, where we are based, have their walls scrawled with beautiful and intricate artwork. Of course, like many other … Read More

Wiston House Wedding Fair

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Just a few days to go until we get the opportunity to showcase some awesome new wedding cake designs at Wiston House, near Steyning. Wiston House is a beautiful country home set in acres of the rolling South Downs. A sweeping driveway meanders through fields dotted with sheep and cattle, eventually leading you to the main house – … Read More

The Inexorable Rise of Gourmet Marshmallows

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A year ago we hadn’t even heard of gourmet marshmallows. Hell, barely six months ago they still weren’t really on our radar. Then a chance chat with Mike and Di of Lucky Beach Cafe in Brighton led to us making our very first batch. The first lot were not so much gourmet as sloppy jelly. We hadn’t quite … Read More

3D Westie Dog Cake

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This 3D Westie dog cake was constructed over three days – a day to bake, time to carve into shape, rest and then finally to cover and add in all the salient details. It was made out of chocolate cake and every part of it is edible though there is some internal structure holding it up and supporting … Read More

Wedding Cake Ideas – from concept to creation

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Wedding cakes look beautiful in their finished state, like a top model on the Paris catwalk. But just like that model an awful lot of work goes into the design and planning before it reaches that stage. The first stage is to sit down in consultation with a client, listen to their wedding cake ideas and get a … Read More

Kids Christmas Gingerbread House Workshops

  Back by popular demand are our family-themed Christmas Gingerbread House Workshops. We are laying on five classes this year where you can come along with your children and construct and decorate your very own gingerbread house. We will be teaching some basic piping techniques as well as teaching you how to model your very own Father Christmas … Read More

Brighton Cakes – Helter Skelter, Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion

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Now as we are based in the fair city of Brighton and absolutely LOVE it it was only a matter of time before we got asked to turn some of the city’s famous landmarks into cake. Beach-themed cakes we have done before but Brighton cakes, specific ones to our cracking city, are a relatively new thing. However, there … Read More

Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

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Ever since we started this business we have always been steadfastly in bed with fondant for our favourite cake covering. It is just so versatile – it can be coloured many different colours, moulded into a thousand shapes, it stretches, it bends, it keeps the cake inside moist and it provides a brilliant base for all manner of … Read More

Brighton Pier cake that lights up!

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  This Brighton Pier cake was created for a client recently who wanted to have a Brighton-themed cake for her daughter’s 21st and what better way to have a Brighton Cake than a representation of the iconic Brighton Pier. We discussed the idea of recreating the entire pier in cake and royal icing but decided against it because … Read More

Graffiti Cake – Brighton Cakes Signature Cake Revealed

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OKAY so here it finally is…..our new signature graffiti cake. Ta da!! It is a style that is definitely not vintage but rather bold and fun with a little bit of grunge and a bit of graffiti art. The double height middle tier lends itself to a custom graffiti design which can be any colours or images. In … Read More

Choosing the Right Colour for your Wedding Cake

The Importance of Colour Matching in Cake Design So you’ve got as far as the engagement, booking your venue and now you’re finalising your suppliers. You go for your cake consultation and you are blown away by the designs the cake maker comes up with. They have your style down perfectly and seem to know just what you … Read More

Ruffled Wedding Cakes for 2013

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VINTAGE themed weddings are still proving popular this year but we have noticed a trend towards more romantic styling. Brides are keen on incorporating ruffles, and more delicate decoration into their cakes. There has also been more of shift towards less formal styles of cake, more rustic, more laid back. It seems to reflect the continuing trend for … Read More

You've Had the Proposal, Now What About the Cake?

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Valentines Day has been and gone for another year but for all those lucky ladies (and men) out there who received a proposal the excitement, expectation and anticipation is only just beginning. You’ve got the engagement ring, you may even have picked a wedding date but where do you go from there? Well the next obvious choice is … Read More

Designer Wedding Cakes for 2013

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The trend for ever larger, more spectacular, designer wedding cakes continues into 2013. And let’s face it, if you are getting married, aside from the dress the next thing people look at is the cake. A standard industry three tier cake may be more than adequate to feed your 70 guests but it stands only about a foot … Read More

Flavour Trends for 2013

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The great British baking revival continues apace in 2013 with more and more people making cakes than ever before. With so much renewed interest in baking comes a renewed interest in taste as well. Lovely though it is the traditional Victoria sponge with lashings of jam and vanilla buttercream has some serious competition from more exotic flavours. For … Read More

Christmas Gingerbread House Workshops Dec 15, 16 and 22, Book your Place Now!

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Christmas Gingerbread House Workshops, December 15,16 and 22 Come and make a gingerbread house with the kids! TAKE a break from the stresses of Christmas shopping and spend time with your child building your very own gingerbread house like the one pictured above. Pink Rose Cakes has organised three special Christmas workshops where you can come along with … Read More

Personalised Christmas Gingerbread Houses Now Available to Order Online

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Pink Rose Cakes is very pleased to launch its first Christmas gingerbread house as a great alternative the traditional Christmas cake. The houses are available to order online now and priced at just £40 each they make a brilliant Christmas gift or table centre piece. Just fill in the details of your personalised message when you click on … Read More

The Enigma Machine Cake Celebtrating Alan Turing's Centenary

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It has been a while since I posted anything here which is rather remiss of me but I have good reason having just got married myself! I fully intend to post pictures of my own cake in a little while but for now I thought I would finally put some of the replica Enigma machine I made entirely … Read More

Not another cake blog, this one is about wine….!

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Okay so this blog isn’t exclusively about cake but I thought it warranted a piece in its own right. It’s not everyday you get asked to taste more than 40 wines but that is exactly what I tried my best to do at the recent Summer Festival of the Senses. Hosted by highly experienced independent wine merchants Elwood … Read More

Latest Wedding Trends – not just cake!

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THE beauty of getting married these days is there are no hard and fast rules about how you should do it. With brides and grooms, events planners and the wedding industry coming up with ever more elaborate ideas, just about every dream can be fulfilled. But just like fashion the wedding industry follows trends and there are several … Read More

Elegant New Vintage Cake Designs

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I thought it was about time I put a couple of new pictures on to the site and these two wedding cakes are unashamedly romantic. The first one is filled with sugar roses, blossom and stephanotis with one tier brush embroidered and the second one is our nod to towards the Royal Wedding last year. Elegant in ivory, … Read More

Edible Glitters – To Sprinkle or Not to Sprinkle?

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How to Give Your Cakes Sparkle without Breaking the Law THERE has been much discussion surrounding the use of edible glitters ever since they were reclassified. Forums dedicated to professional and amateur bakers alike are awash with people wondering what they can and can’t put on their cakes. And despite many products now being labelled as non-edible but … Read More

Would this cake make you get better quicker?

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My other half asked me to make a get well soon cake for a friend who has been ill for a several months. He was expecting a basic round sponge with a straight forward get well soon message piped across the top. Well, at Pink Rose Cakes we don’t like to do things by halves and instead create … Read More

Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Cake

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This cake has got to rank as one of my favourite cakes to have done. It is a three tier wonky Alice in Wonderland-themed cake for a three-year-old’s birthday party. All the tiers are gluten, wheat and dairy free lemon cake which goes to show with a bit of planning the same kind of fabulous cakes can be … Read More

Upcoming Wedding Fairs

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I have been a bit rubbish posting anything lately – been far too busy in the kitchen making and selling cakes! Having said that, I will be showing some of my new designs at some upcoming wedding fairs around Sussex. The first one is on January 29, 2012 at the wonderful Wiston House, Steyning. This beautiful country home … Read More

Hot Tub Cake

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This cake was created to celebrate a couple’s 20th anniversary together. The husband was quite specific about wanting a hot tub and figurines of him and his wife similar to how they looked when they first met but otherwise the design was up to me! The cake is carved from an extra deep 8″ lemon cake, split into … Read More

Quality Wedding Suppliers Link Up

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you don’t want to leave any detail to chance. What you need are suppliers with a good track record that you know you can trust. It is because of this fundamental philosophy that I have recently had the privilege of meeting and working with … Read More

Wedding Cake at Stanmer House

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Last month I had the honour of delivering and setting up a beautiful cake at Stanmer House in Brighton for Emma and Robin Reed. The cake was three tiers of different flavours, including raspberry and white chocolate, vanilla and light chocolate cake. It was then covered in a white chocolate paste and then decorated with lots and lots … Read More

Fender Stratocaster Guitar Cake

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Last week I was asked to make a copy of a Fender Stratocaster for a 40th birthday cake and this is the result. The cake itself was a very sophisticated coffee and walnut using real espresso – not a flavour I have done much recently but I had forgotten how nice it tastes. The body of the guitar … Read More

Celebration Generation – Evil Cake Overlord is a Must Read

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I find my cake inspiration all over the place and on both sides of the Atlantic, drawing from a wealth of blogs, books and video clips. It isn’t often that I actually want to shout about a book though but Evil Cake Overlord by Marie Porter at Celebration Generation is definitely worth a mention. I had come across … Read More

Wedding Fair and Wedding Cake Flowers

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I saw lots of brides at Brighton Raceourse Wedding Fair on Sunday and was delighted to be able to showcase some new cake designs. They range from unashamedly romantic to bright and unusual including my first ever tattoo-style cake – a black and white cake with red hearts airbrushed onto the side to give a slightly trompe l’oeil … Read More

Latest Cake Designs

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Here at Pink Rose Cakes we have been coming up with a few new designs ready for the coming year. They are a little more muted and whimsical than normal, using soft colours and sugar flowers but we like them just the same! More cakes to follow in the coming days…. One or two of them, plus some … Read More

BMW mini 21st birthday cake

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This cake was made for a family celebrating their daughter’s 21st birthday and had to be a convertible mini, incorporating shopping, nursing, a cat, an iphone, a bottle of vodka, graduation, London and Brighton and Tinkerbell, phew! Quite a lot to begin with then, not to mention the difficulty of making an edible windscreen… Anyhoooooo it was actually … Read More

Wonky Wedding Cake

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I was privileged enough to be able to make the cake for friends Mark and Camilla Foyle when they got married this weekend. They wanted something fun, bright and different and this is what they got…. It was five tier of very different cake, made wonky by inserting specially cut polystyrene wedges in between and decorated with fresh … Read More

Recipe of the Month – February

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A bit later than I had planned to do this and in actual fact I am putting up two recipes this month. The first is the almond and amaretto cake I had always planned and the second is frangipane which someone has asked me for so here goes! Almond and Amaretto – for a 6″ cake 200g unsalted … Read More

Chocolate Fountains

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Just a quick post today – more recipes coming this week though – about a lovely chocolate fountain supplier based in Hampshire. supply wonderfully decadent chocolate fountain into which you can dip strawberries, raspberries and all sorts of other fruits not to mention marshmallows, mini donuts, profiteroles, TurkishDelight and fudge to name a few. As a self-confessed … Read More

Fabulous Chocolate Brownie Cake Recipe

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Things have been a little quiet on the cake front lately, it always is at this time of year with brides still tending to favour the warmer months. Sooooo, I have been experimenting with lots of new recipes and hopefully will be adding new flavours to the site shortly. In the meantime, whilst not strictly a cake recipe … Read More

New Pictures and Stanmer House Wedding Fair

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Hurrah! I have finally managed to put some new pictures on Facebook (search under Pink Rose Cakes) at least and soon they will be appearing on Pink Rose Cakes website proper. There are whole range of cakes from the summer season and then a whole set of professional pictures taken by the lovely Becky Tosney. Check out her … Read More

The Search for the Perfect Macaron

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I am currently spending my days, apart from getting used to the relentlessness of the school run, attempting to make macarons like the French do. I have deliberately spelt it as you would find in France in hommage to these perfectly formed, but devilishly hard to make shiny domes of almond meringue. I may have lived in France … Read More

Great sweet treat recipe for allergy sufferers

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Because I recently discovered that not only is my daughter severely allergic to certain nuts but is also allergic to dairy I have been trying my hand at all sorts of different free-from recipes. Some have been highly successful such as soya scotch pancakes which, I think, are nicer than normal ones, whilst some have been distinctly average. … Read More

New cake pix!

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It seems like an age since I last posted on here but finally I have a few new pictures to put up. They were taken by the very talented Becky Tosney and showcase some of my more avant gard cakes. If I had my way I would be making these sort of things all the time but alas, most … Read More

Fab Cake Photos from Paul Fletcher

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I recently made a wedding cake for the lovely Laura Gooch and her husband Richard. Laura and I worked together a while back when I wrote the Brighton Argus’ Property and Interiors Guide – she subbed it, basically turning my words and pictures into lovely magazine articles. Thankfully she and Richard loved my cake too, not just my … Read More

Cake-burning marathons and Food Allergies

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Greetings from Pink Rose HQ! Okay, so I know it has been a while since I posted on here but in my defence an awful lot has happened lately which has kept me occupied. One of these things being running the first ever Brighton marathon which I managed in 4hrs 22mins. The atmosphere was amazing and despite struggling … Read More

Mental Cakes

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Finally, I have managed to get a hold of my most insane cake to date, which incidentally was a blast to make. It is a sinking cruise ship on the bottom tier with lots of sugar figurines, a pink and black basque make up the second and third tiers, the fourt tier is a pork pie and the … Read More

Lansdowne Place Hotel Wedding Fair

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Pink Rose Cakes will be displaying lots of lovely new cakes at the Lansdowne Place Hotel wedding fair in Hove on Sunday, 28th February. There will be lots of yummy free cake to try and plenty of cake ideas to have a look at so come and see me there. 11am until 4pm.

Sky News Filming

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Still without a computer of my own to use at the moment and very frustrating it is too. On the positive side Sky News came to film me and the divorce cakes today. They were damaged quite badly when they were borrowed by another television company for filming but I at least managed to repair one of them … Read More

Computer Problems and babies

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Had a total disaster yesterday. My ten month old managed to grab a cup of tea and empty the entire contents across my laptop! Not long after I managed to crash the car, not badly I hasten to add but enough to cause a couple of thousand pounds of damage and then to top it off my glass … Read More