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Regional Finalists at the Wedding Industry Awards 2015At Brighton Cakes we are passionate about cake. It is why we everything we create is custom designed for each client.

Based in the vibrant city of Brighton on the Sussex coast we design bespoke wedding, celebration and corporate cakes for many different people.

At Brighton Cakes we are known for our fun sculpted cakes, airbrushed cakes and 3D cakes, shaped to resemble anything from the Millennium Falcon to the Enigma Machine and even the world.

But we also specialise in elegant, show-stopping designer wedding cakes and our creations encompass everything from vintage and classic styles to wonky, whimisical cakes with exquisite sugar flowers or lashings of bold colour.


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Wedding Cakes

brighton-cakes-custom-creation-personal-wedding-celebration-design-airbrush-vintage-roses-cakeWhat is it you look for on your wedding day – A mouthwatering cake where each bite dissolves slowly on your tongue? Or a feature so luxurious your guests will wonder in amazement?
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Celebration Cakes

brighton-cakes-custom-creation-personal-wedding-celebration-design-airbrush-millennium-falcon-cakeIf you are splashing out on a special celebration cake you expect something really spectacular – a truly one-of-a-kind, show stopping cake that will turn your guests’ heads and make your event positively memorable.
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Corporate Cakes

brighton-cakes-custom-creation-personal-wedding-celebration-design-airbrush-red-seven-guitar-cakeHaving a recognised brand is essential in any business but when you are celebrating your achievements why not have it on the cake too. Brighton Cakes can create a wide range of edible delights which will not only wow staff and clients alike but will also help promote your business.
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brighton-cakes-custom-creation-personal-wedding-celebration-design-airbrush-painted-heart-cookiesWhy not try our range of delicious gourmet marshmallows, all made by hand and fresh to order. They currently come in 12 flavours with seasonal ranges added regularly.