At Brighton Cakes we don’t just make cake, we create edible works of art which is why it is very difficult to put a standard price on our designs.

Factors we take into account are the size of cake, the cake flavour, the complexity of design and the length of time it will take to complete. We also use the freshest ingredients and make everything to order – you won’t catch us batch baking and freezing for a rainy day!

Our off-the-peg cake ranges have the price displayed by them in the gallery but for all others the minimum order is £150.

Starting prices for very simply decorated tiered cakes are as follows:

Single tier £150

Two tier £240

Three tier £380

Four tier £515

Five tier £645

Six tier £750

Sculpted 3D cakes start from £175

Additional undecorated sheet cakes are available at a cost of £2 per serving.

Contact us to see what cake we can make for you.