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Let’s face it none of us likes to talk pricing but it is a necessary evil whether you are buying a car, house or a cake. We mostly don’t have set pricing for our cakes and instead base each price on the size of the cake, the work required, the hours that will take and the complexity of the job in hand.

How much I hear some of you cry? It’s just a cake why am I paying this?

But what we do at Brighton Cakes is so much more than cake. Not only do we actually bake the cakes using the freshest, finest ingredients we can lay our hands on but we tailor them individually to you. Sometimes this process can involve several hours of work before we have even so much as lifted a spoon and cracked the eggs. Sketches take time, emails take time and so do consultations, all so we can give you what you really want – a fantastic cake that you won’t see anywhere else.

Then there is the cake itself when it comes to pricing. Obviously, there’s the cost of the ingredients and icing that go into it, plus the baking time. Then there is the levelling, filling, layering and ganaching that we have to do to get it perfect before the icing goes on. Think of it as the scaffolding underneath the cake and believe me, this bit sometimes takes almost as much time as decorating the cake itself.

If you want us to sculpt something specific that’s great, because we really really love unusual cakes, but it also takes time, as does constructing the custom stands we sometimes need to support those designs involving threaded rods, MDF boards and lots of power tools (and occasionally a bit of swearing when it doesn’t quite go right first time).

Finally there is the decoration itself. Sometimes this is relatively simple but if you are having figurines or sugar flowers then expect the pricing to climb, sometimes a lot. These things take us many hours to make. We don’t just knock them out in a couple of hours!

It is edible art as much as it is cake and if you want something custom designed I’m afraid it’s gonna cost. After all you wouldn’t by a Ferrari and expect to pay the price of a Morris Minor now would you?! And if you want something cheap, go to the supermarkets where the cakes are mass produced by machine and chock full of preservatives, decorated and off the conveyor in under two minutes.

But one thing we do guarantee is you will get value for money. Your cake will be what you want, it will be freshly made, it will have no additives or preservatives and it will be fricking awesome. It will make your guests say: “F**k me that’s amazing, is that really cake?”

So here is what you can expect to pay:


Celebration Cakes start from £100

Sculpted cakes (to feed around 35) – from £125

Sculpted cakes (to feed around 35) requiring armatures or custom stands – from £250

Three tier wedding cakes to feed 75 – start from £380. This is for simple decoration, price increases as complexity of decoration increases.

Complex cakes and larger cakes with four or more tiers – from £600 to £2,000+


*Please note we no longer do simple round or square celebration cakes