Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

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Ever since we started this business we have always been steadfastly in bed with fondant for our favourite cake covering. It is just so versatile – it can be coloured many different colours, moulded into a thousand shapes, it stretches, it bends, it keeps the cake inside moist and it provides a brilliant base for all manner of … Read More

Latest Wedding Trends – not just cake!

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THE beauty of getting married these days is there are no hard and fast rules about how you should do it. With brides and grooms, events planners and the wedding industry coming up with ever more elaborate ideas, just about every dream can be fulfilled. But just like fashion the wedding industry follows trends and there are several … Read More

Quality Wedding Suppliers Link Up

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you don’t want to leave any detail to chance. What you need are suppliers with a good track record that you know you can trust. It is because of this fundamental philosophy that I have recently had the privilege of meeting and working with … Read More

Latest Cake Designs

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Here at Pink Rose Cakes we have been coming up with a few new designs ready for the coming year. They are a little more muted and whimsical than normal, using soft colours and sugar flowers but we like them just the same! More cakes to follow in the coming days…. One or two of them, plus some … Read More

Fab Cake Photos from Paul Fletcher

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I recently made a wedding cake for the lovely Laura Gooch and her husband Richard. Laura and I worked together a while back when I wrote the Brighton Argus’ Property and Interiors Guide – she subbed it, basically turning my words and pictures into lovely magazine articles. Thankfully she and Richard loved my cake too, not just my … Read More