The Making of the Millennium Falcon Cake

We have done several Millennium Falcon cakes over the years – some for birthdays, the odd one for weddings – and it is quite clear the enthusiasm for Star Wars remains as strong as ever. As time has gone on we have perfected our techniques for producing Millennium Falcon cakes and after some trial and error we have … Read More

Wedding Cake Ideas – from concept to creation

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Wedding cakes look beautiful in their finished state, like a top model on the Paris catwalk. But just like that model an awful lot of work goes into the design and planning before it reaches that stage. The first stage is to sit down in consultation with a client, listen to their wedding cake ideas and get a … Read More

Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

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Ever since we started this business we have always been steadfastly in bed with fondant for our favourite cake covering. It is just so versatile – it can be coloured many different colours, moulded into a thousand shapes, it stretches, it bends, it keeps the cake inside moist and it provides a brilliant base for all manner of … Read More

Choosing the Right Colour for your Wedding Cake

The Importance of Colour Matching in Cake Design So you’ve got as far as the engagement, booking your venue and now you’re finalising your suppliers. You go for your cake consultation and you are blown away by the designs the cake maker comes up with. They have your style down perfectly and seem to know just what you … Read More

Ruffled Wedding Cakes for 2013

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VINTAGE themed weddings are still proving popular this year but we have noticed a trend towards more romantic styling. Brides are keen on incorporating ruffles, and more delicate decoration into their cakes. There has also been more of shift towards less formal styles of cake, more rustic, more laid back. It seems to reflect the continuing trend for … Read More

You've Had the Proposal, Now What About the Cake?

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Valentines Day has been and gone for another year but for all those lucky ladies (and men) out there who received a proposal the excitement, expectation and anticipation is only just beginning. You’ve got the engagement ring, you may even have picked a wedding date but where do you go from there? Well the next obvious choice is … Read More

Designer Wedding Cakes for 2013

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The trend for ever larger, more spectacular, designer wedding cakes continues into 2013. And let’s face it, if you are getting married, aside from the dress the next thing people look at is the cake. A standard industry three tier cake may be more than adequate to feed your 70 guests but it stands only about a foot … Read More

Flavour Trends for 2013

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The great British baking revival continues apace in 2013 with more and more people making cakes than ever before. With so much renewed interest in baking comes a renewed interest in taste as well. Lovely though it is the traditional Victoria sponge with lashings of jam and vanilla buttercream has some serious competition from more exotic flavours. For … Read More

Latest Wedding Trends – not just cake!

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THE beauty of getting married these days is there are no hard and fast rules about how you should do it. With brides and grooms, events planners and the wedding industry coming up with ever more elaborate ideas, just about every dream can be fulfilled. But just like fashion the wedding industry follows trends and there are several … Read More

Wedding Cake at Stanmer House

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Last month I had the honour of delivering and setting up a beautiful cake at Stanmer House in Brighton for Emma and Robin Reed. The cake was three tiers of different flavours, including raspberry and white chocolate, vanilla and light chocolate cake. It was then covered in a white chocolate paste and then decorated with lots and lots … Read More

Celebration Generation – Evil Cake Overlord is a Must Read

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I find my cake inspiration all over the place and on both sides of the Atlantic, drawing from a wealth of blogs, books and video clips. It isn’t often that I actually want to shout about a book though but Evil Cake Overlord by Marie Porter at Celebration Generation is definitely worth a mention. I had come across … Read More

Wedding Fair and Wedding Cake Flowers

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I saw lots of brides at Brighton Raceourse Wedding Fair on Sunday and was delighted to be able to showcase some new cake designs. They range from unashamedly romantic to bright and unusual including my first ever tattoo-style cake – a black and white cake with red hearts airbrushed onto the side to give a slightly trompe l’oeil … Read More

Latest Cake Designs

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Here at Pink Rose Cakes we have been coming up with a few new designs ready for the coming year. They are a little more muted and whimsical than normal, using soft colours and sugar flowers but we like them just the same! More cakes to follow in the coming days…. One or two of them, plus some … Read More

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