Suitcase Cakes and Market Kitchen

//Suitcase Cakes and Market Kitchen

Suitcase Cakes and Market Kitchen

DSC_1647Above is a picture of a lovely suitcase cake I did for a client recently in West Ham Colours and with handpainted “travel stickers”

I also recently had a spot on Sky News in a piece about the rise in divorces with my divorce cakes forming part of the lighter relief bit. Unfortunately I was only able to show them a couple of cakes as I also recently lent some of my examples to Market Kitchen and when they were returned they were completely broken. One I have salvaged but the other is beyond repair and needs to be completely rebuilt for scratch. Funny how since contacting Market Kitchen producers about it they have gone strangely silent….The matter s being pursued though so watch this space.

At least though, that’s the last time I ever lend my cakes out without a cast iron guarantee they will come back in one piece!