The Search for the Perfect Macaron

//The Search for the Perfect Macaron

The Search for the Perfect Macaron

I am currently spending my days, apart from getting used to the relentlessness of the school run, attempting to make macarons like the French do. I have deliberately spelt it as you would find in France in hommage to these perfectly formed, but devilishly hard to make shiny domes of almond meringue.

I may have lived in France but until a couple of years ago I had never even tasted one of these sublime creations and in fact it was on a trip to London that I stumbled across them in La Duree. This place, for those of you who have never heard of it, is the quintessential salon du the. The macarons are exquisite, there is no other word for it. They come in a rainbow of colours and flavours that crack in the mouth and then melt on the tongue in a way that simply leaves you hungry for more and more.

Out of the seven batches so far, four have been pretty good whilst three have gone to the great bin monster in the sky being either two tough, not the right colour, cracked, no foot and so on.

I have discovered that the perfect macaron should be two shiny smooth domes of almond meringue, sandwiched together with a creamy, flvaoursome ganache. They should crack just a  little when you bite into them before yielding to a soft centre of gooey yumminess that bursts on your tastebuds.

I am determined to succeed and once I do you will be first to know and to be able to purchase them as wedding favours and even cakes. Cupcakes are passe, whoopees haven’t really taken off and it’s time for something different – long live the macaron!