Wonky Wedding Cake

//Wonky Wedding Cake

Wonky Wedding Cake

I was privileged enough to be able to make the cake for friends Mark and Camilla Foyle when they got married this weekend. They wanted something fun, bright and different and this is what they got….


It was five tier of very different cake, made wonky by inserting specially cut polystyrene wedges in between and decorated with fresh flowers.

Each tier was a different decoration and a different flavour, marzipaned and then iced. The cake was supported by hidden dowels and with one long dowel going through the centre of the top three tiers.

Bottom tier, piped with purple, pink and orange stripes, was lemon cake, next tier up, piped with single purple swirls made up of lots of icing pearls, was chocolate and orange and my personal favourite for taste, next tier, piped with purple, orange and pink hearts, dots and horseshoes, was coconut and lime, next tier was frangipane and more formally piped in purple and the top tier was chocolate and orange again with a single airbrushed butterfly (it was the only one I had left after groom accidentally knocked them on the floor as I was setting up – thank goodness it wasn’t me!!)

There was an additional top tier not put on the cake as the bride and groom wanted the top tier to take away with them but couldn’t decide on flavours so ended up with two!

It was certainly a labour of love but definitely worth it to see the looks on their faces and those of all the guests though I didn’t relax until it had been cut…