BMW mini 21st birthday cake

//BMW mini 21st birthday cake

BMW mini 21st birthday cake

Mini Convertible CakeThis cake was made for a family celebrating their daughter’s 21st birthday and had to be a convertible mini, incorporating shopping, nursing, a cat, an iphone, a bottle of vodka, graduation, London and Brighton and Tinkerbell, phew! Quite a lot to begin with then, not to mention the difficulty of making an edible windscreen…

Anyhoooooo it was actually a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserve carved into shape and entirely edible except for the windscreen surround. The windscreen was made using Isomalt from Squire’s Kitchen and pouring it into a pre-shaped wire frame laid flat on a marble board. It broke on the first attempt but the second attempt worked well.

Much of the cake and board was airbrushed freehand to give it some depth and shading. Sitting next to the nurse was her beloved pet cat and in her hand is a sugar iphone. On the back is an airbrushed sign saying Just Graduated with several mortar boards tied to the back – again all edible and the “string” used to tie them was actually piped royal icing.

It was certainly a labour of love that took many hours of work to complete but the end result was definitely worth it!