Designer Wedding Cakes for 2013

//Designer Wedding Cakes for 2013

Designer Wedding Cakes for 2013

The trend for ever larger, more spectacular, designer wedding cakes continues into 2013.

And let’s face it, if you are getting married, aside from the dress the next thing people look at is the cake.

Whimsical Wedding Cake with Sugar FlowersA standard industry three tier cake may be more than adequate to feed your 70 guests but it stands only about a foot tall and it certainly won’t create a lasting impression in their minds.

So what do you do instead? There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bakers around the UK offering designer wedding cakes but if you want that spectacular, show-stopping centre piece you need to consider very carefully who you might choose.

At Pink Rose Cakes we got a bit frustrated with doing small cakes. Lovely though they were and still are, we wanted to give people the chance to go for something bigger and bolder but without necessarily being inundated with tons of cake.

It is why we will increase the size of cake, doubling it or even trebling it using faker tiers. The beauty of this is you get a cake which looks hugely impressive, none of your guests will ever know bits aren’t edible but you aren’t left eating nothing but chocolate sponge for the first year of marriage.

It isn’t just the size that makes a wedding cake designer in our opinion. Obviously the design is of paramount importance too and again we are Wonky Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowerstrying to think outside the box, using different shaped and sized tiers rather than sticking to traditional round.

As anyone who follows us may know we like wonky sculpted cakes as it is and love injecting some of that unpredictability into our wedding cakes too.

We have a range of cakes we will be revealing in the next few weeks which we hope fit the bill – they still

An ornate but detailed three tier cake separated by glass cake stands

An ornate but detailed three tier cake separated by glass cake stands

look like wedding cakes but they have that wow factor as well.