Choosing the Right Colour for your Wedding Cake

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Choosing the Right Colour for your Wedding Cake

The Importance of Colour Matching in Cake Design

So you’ve got as far as the engagement, booking your venue and now you’re finalising your suppliers.

You go for your cake consultation and you are blown away by the designs the cake maker comes up with. They have your style down perfectly and seem to know just what you want.

You agree on the design and opt for ivory with accents of lavender and leave happy in the knowledge your cake is going to look fabulous.

Bust fast forward a few months to your big day and the cake you so admired on paper is more champagne with accents of purple. It clashes with the chair covers which look more mauve and the drapes which are more white than cream.

The trouble is colours can vary so wildly and what one person would describe as teal another might say is aqua. One bride’s red is another bride’s burgundy.

It is a problem not just reserved for cake makers, it applies to all wedding suppliers across the board from room decorators to stationery suppliers.

Without seeing a swatch of fabric it is all too easy to pick out the wrong shade or even the wrong colour.

You only have to search online to see how different they can be.

different colour swatches so you can see the difference between shades of turquoise, pink and ivory

You see? The range of colours within a colour are enormous. So next time you need to see your cake maker or your florist make sure you take colour swatches with you to be certain you don’