Graffiti Cake – Brighton Cakes Signature Cake Revealed

//Graffiti Cake – Brighton Cakes Signature Cake Revealed

Graffiti Cake – Brighton Cakes Signature Cake Revealed

A montage of a graffiti art brighton cake

OKAY so here it finally is…..our new signature graffiti cake. Ta da!!

It is a style that is definitely not vintage but rather bold and fun with a little bit of grunge and a bit of graffiti art.

The double height middle tier lends itself to a custom graffiti design which can be any colours or images. In this case we chose a mixture of love and marriage-related words, intermingled with iconic Brighton landmarks and phrases.

The design was hand painted in edible black food colouring before the colour was freehand airbrushed on.

The rest of the tiers were covered with white icing and black polka dots then distressed to look like scrunched up paper or marble.

The whole design was finished off with several deep red sugar roses modelled out of fondant and nothing else, no tools, cutters or veiners.

The polka dots in this case are black but there is no reason why they couldn’t be any colour just as the roses could be.

It is this style that we think really defines Brighton Cakes and you can expect a lot more similar ones. The graffiti cake is such a versatile cake because it really lends itself to absolutely any design or image being put on a cake from cars and landscapes to actual caricatures of people. We love the idea of using graffiti writing to put words on the cake in a fun and loopy way. People can include anything of meaning to them from poems to names to places. Hmm maybe we should do a London-themed graffiti cake soon or a New York one…