Brighton Pier cake that lights up!

//Brighton Pier cake that lights up!

Brighton Pier cake that lights up!


Brighton Pier Cake complete with lights that light up

This Brighton Pier cake was created for a client recently who wanted to have a Brighton-themed cake for her daughter’s 21st and what better way to have a Brighton Cake than a representation of the iconic Brighton Pier.

We discussed the idea of recreating the entire pier in cake and royal icing but decided against it because it was only for a family celebration and had we done the whole pier we would have ended up with oodles of cake.

In the end we opted to do a cube-shaped 10″ cake and a truncated version or representation of the pier.

We took photos of the front of the cake from different angles and scaled it down to be a fair copy of the palace pier. The whole thing was drawn out on paper first. Then we made cardboard templates of the Brighton Pier front t make sure everything would fit together.

The front part was made out of pieces of pastillage scaled down and cut to size then piped with royal icing as were the pillars either side. These were allowed to dry for several days before the cake was even made and checked against our template.

The lettering was cut out from templates taken from an image of the actual Brighton Pier sign which had also been scaled down to size. The rest of the cake took elements of the pier such as the dome but was not always an entirely faithful reproduction due to the fact we were not reproducing the whole pier.

For the finishing touches we added dolls house lights to the sign.

We think it’s pretty cool! Though next time, if we get asked to do this again, we will look at embedding the lights in the front of the cake as well so the lights above the doors all light up as well.