Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

//Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

Buttercream Wedding Cakes versus Fondant Cakes – which do you prefer?

a vintage buttercream cake with a fondant suitcase on top

Ever since we started this business we have always been steadfastly in bed with fondant for our favourite cake covering.

It is just so versatile – it can be coloured many different colours, moulded into a thousand shapes, it stretches, it bends, it keeps the cake inside moist and it provides a brilliant base for all manner of decoration.

But, and we’ll let you into a little secret, we’re not mad keen on the taste of fondant. We much prefer the cake underneath.

Of course, that’s fine if you want a “naked” cake with nothing on but then that doesn’t allow for much in the way of super fancy decoration or airbrushing which we absolutely love.

Then there is buttercream, which for many years we treated as a nice filling for the cakes and nothing more. However, across the pond the Americans much prefer buttercream wedding cakes instead of fondant and we have to say after doing several buttercream covered cakes this summer we are converts.

Not the totally evangelical sort where we wouldn’t EVER use anything except buttercream ever again but we certainly think it has room in our repertoire.

The advantages of it are you don’t have to worry about finger marks  and getting the surface in the same way as you do as fondant. It can also be coloured and even airbrushed very successfully.

The disadvantages are it is a bitch to get completely smooth and takes a bit of practice, you have to be careful not to stick your finger in it once it is done and in hot weather it has a tendency to go super soft and even melt.

That said we are very  very pleased with the result so far and reckon we could do a lot more of these beautiful buttercream wedding cakes in the coming seasons.

Then again there is always chocolate ganache to experiment with – yummy, sets quite hard and tastes divine so you never know you might see us doing a few more of those as well…

Check out this chocolate covered train!

A chocolate ganache covered train