Brighton Cakes – Helter Skelter, Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion

//Brighton Cakes – Helter Skelter, Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Cakes – Helter Skelter, Brighton Pier and Brighton Pavilion

A montage of brighton-themed cakes with seagulls helter skelter and beach huts

Now as we are based in the fair city of Brighton and absolutely LOVE it it was only a matter of time before we got asked to turn some of the city’s famous landmarks into cake.

Beach-themed cakes we have done before but Brighton cakes, specific ones to our cracking city, are a relatively new thing. However, there seem to be many fun loving couples out there looking for something a little bit different for their wedding day.

As a result we have recreated the Helter Skelter on Brighton Pier several times over this summer, all with slight variations depending on the bride and groom’s tastes.

Some have had figurines on, some have been without but the fundamental element to all of these helter skelter cakes has been fun.

A montage of Brighton Pavilion Cakes

We have also recently recreated a truncated version of the Brighton Pier itself, complete with working lights. The Brighton Pier Cake as it has become known was an architectural cake which took almost 20 hours to make, measuring exactly the size of the pillars and frontage and scaling it down to fit the cake.

And of course we can’t leave out the graffiti cake with its famous Brighton landmarks drawn and airbrushed all over it. All these Brighton cakes have been so much fun to make and really add a bit of oomph to any celebration.

A montage of a graffiti art brighton cake

But we shall leave you with this one for our first October wedding – a Brighton Pavilion Cake, well a nod to it at least.

The top tier was carved to look like the Pavilion dome with the rest of the cake following more traditional lines. The whole design was brought together by cascading cream flowers and a ring of fresh flowers on the base. It was a monster of a cake to create – five tiers in total though the top two are carved together as one. However, we think it perfectly sums up Brighton Cakes – cool, elegant but a little bit quirky and fun too.