Wedding Cake Ideas – from concept to creation

//Wedding Cake Ideas – from concept to creation

Wedding Cake Ideas – from concept to creation

Wedding cakes look beautiful in their finished state, like a top model on the Paris catwalk. But just like that model an awful lot of work goes into the design and planning before it reaches that stage.

The first stage is to sit down in consultation with a client, listen to their wedding cake ideas and get a sense of what the like, what they don’t like, what colours they prefer and what theme they are after be that vintage, rustic, country, modern, classic, simple and so on. Often at the time we will sketch out some rough cake ideas. Sometimes the couple will have quite a definitive idea of what they want, other times they are still very unsure.

Once the meeting is over we generally do four/five sketches for them to see. At this stage they might pick one and say yes that is what they want. Other times they may like elements of two or more different designs. At that point we go back to the drawing board and redesign for them. We basically do this process until they are happy.

The final sketch is the one around which we base the design. Often it is difficult to get a sense of how the cake will look from a quick sketch but it certainly helps us when planning things out!

Here are some sketches of cake ideas and their real life cakey counterparts.

seagulls and beach huts cake sorting hat and van gogh cake