3D Westie Dog Cake

//3D Westie Dog Cake

3D Westie Dog Cake

Various views of the westie dog cake

This 3D Westie dog cake was constructed over three days – a day to bake, time to carve into shape, rest and then finally to cover and add in all the salient details.

It was made out of chocolate cake and every part of it is edible though there is some internal structure holding it up and supporting the head. I have seen cakes like this where the head is sculpted out of polystyrene but I wanted our Westie cake to be entirely cake for two reasons a) because I am a bit of a purist and if you are going to make a cake look like something it should be cake as far as possible and non-edible parts should be limited and b) carving polystyrene into shape is a major chore and leaves my kitchen looking like an exploded packing factory.

So basically, being as the Westie dog cake was all cake (not dog, no dogs were harmed in the making of this cake) it was made out of about four/five 8″ rounds and then another four 6″ rounds stacked and dowelled like a normal cake. We did create a custom shaped board for the head and nose to rest on and also inserted a central dowel to stop any sideways movement. The body and head were covered separately but then put together whilst the icing was still soft to allow us to “rough” up the surface and make it look like fur.

Final details were added, as usual, with the airbrush. We do love an airbrush here.