The Inexorable Rise of Gourmet Marshmallows

//The Inexorable Rise of Gourmet Marshmallows

The Inexorable Rise of Gourmet Marshmallows

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A year ago we hadn’t even heard of gourmet marshmallows. Hell, barely six months ago they still weren’t really on our radar. Then a chance chat with Mike and Di of Lucky Beach Cafe in Brighton led to us making our very first batch.

The first lot were not so much gourmet as sloppy jelly. We hadn’t quite got the recipe right and they were at tad sticky. Still, our kids enjoyed them. We went back to the drawing board and found a different recipe which was much better. We coloured them a pale pink, chopped into fluffy cubes and promptly took them around Lucky Beach.

They were an instant hit and our gourmet marshmallows were born. Then we had to give them a name and conveniently Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows just rolled off the tongue. The logo was designed to reflect the fun, frivolous nature and seaside base of our gourmet marshmallows, being based in Brighton and all. It is definitely with tongue firmly in cheek and before anyone asks, it’s NOT ME in the picture!

But not content with just producing vanilla ones we started thinking about flavouring them and adding texture – how could we make them even more cool? Cue the addition of chocolate chunks, nuts, coconut, fruit puree, dried fruit and so on. Booze is on our radar but we that’s something we’re working on down the line.

So four months later and much experimentation carried out we now have eight permanent flavours which we think are extremely tasty – vanilla, choc chip, dark chocolate and cranberry, raspberry Eton mess, lemon meringue, burnt caramel, Turkish Delight and toasted coconut and lime.

We are brimming with ideas for new flavours which we are experimenting with and hope to launch throughout the year, along with seasonal or holiday flavours.

We have dispensed with the egg in the recipe though they are not yet vegan/vegetarian friendly but that’s also something we are working on.

It seems that since we embarked on this marshmallow journey, other people have also started experimenting with the mallow. Perhaps it is the new cupcake, who knows, but for know we are happy chugging along creating flavours.

We already supply Lucky Beach and Metro Deco in Brighton and we are in talks to supply three others in Brighton, Worthing and London in the very near future.

Meanwhile if you do fancy trying them then why not hop over to our site Miss Millar’s Marvellous Mallows and buy a box to enjoy with your hot chocolate

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