What’s the Best Way to Eat a Marshmallow?

//What’s the Best Way to Eat a Marshmallow?

What’s the Best Way to Eat a Marshmallow?

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So how do you eat a marshmallow? This question has been plaguing me for a while now because each time I think I have cracked it I change my mind.

Sometimes, especially when they are fresh, I enjoy pulling them right out of the packet or even before when the dusting of cornflour and icing sugar has barely settled. Soft, squidgy and exquisitely irresistible they are a few bites of sugary niceness without being a full blown pudding.

But sometimes toasting them is simply the only way to go. Unfortunately I am not in the habit of keeping an open fire burning so the gas hob has to do but it serves its purpose. I pop the marshmallow on a skewer, turn on the burner and merrily toast away until I see the edges brown and the sugar bubble.

marshmallows collage 3They soften, they melt in the mouth and they taste divine. They are the perfect morsel to satisfy a sweet tooth without making too big an impact on the waistline…

My daughters, however, prefer to chop them into little itty bitty pieces and drop them into their bedtime hot chocolate. That’s not really my bag but they love watching the mallows slowly dissolve, their sugary goo mixing languidly with their cocoa.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can dip them in a sauce – melted dark chocolate ganache or raspberry coulis perhaps – and they are delicious.

You can add them to your ice cream, the sweet softness of them contrasting and complementing the cool iciness of the dessert.

You can cook them in cakes and let’s face it, who doesn’t love the guilty pleasure of a rocky road slice? You can encase them in chocolate. You can even use them in mainstream cooking – sweet and salty in equal measure. I’m sure Heston Blumenthal does!

I guess the thing is you can really eat them any way you want. They are infinitely versatile, flavoursome and pretty to look at. Perhaps they really are the new cupcake or macaron but you really will have to buy some and try them to find out…  If you really want to try some of our gourmet marshmallows and see what way you prefer to eat them then click here

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