Rise in Companies Choosing Gingerbread Houses as Corporate Christmas Gifts

//Rise in Companies Choosing Gingerbread Houses as Corporate Christmas Gifts

Rise in Companies Choosing Gingerbread Houses as Corporate Christmas Gifts

Christmas cakes knocked off the top spot for must-have coporate Christmas gifts

A gingerbread house with a figurine to look like a little bakery.

A GROWING number of companies are shunning the traditional fruit cake and instead choosing hand made gingerbread houses to give as thank you corporate christmas gifts to their clients this Christmas. Business owners are increasingly looking for something different and tasty that they can personalise and impress their clients with. Brighton Cakes, a bespoke cake company, has experienced a 60 per cent increase in the number of orders being placed this Christmas.

Owner, Fay Millar, said: “ We have noticed a sharp rise in the number of corporate orders for our gingerbread houses whilst at the same time the number of people asking for Christmas cakes continues to drop.

“People want something that everyone can enjoy and as not everyone likes the taste of fruit cake a gingerbread house is a great alternative.

“Not only does the gingerbread taste lovely and can be broken off or picked at over time but the houses are covered in an array of chocolates and sweets which are more than enough to satisfy most palates.”

The gingerbread houses can be customised with company logos, messages and even figurines. Each one is hand decorated in icing, brightly coloured sweets, chocolate and candy. They can even be filled with chocolates or home made cookies and marshmallows. Fay, who also runs parent and child workshops making the gingerbread houses in the run up to Christmas, said: “They make great corporate gifts and what better way to say thank you to your staff and clients by sending them a lovely gingerbread house over the festive season.”

Our gingerbread houses, make lovely corporate Christmas gifts, are made to order and you can choose yours here or email us at [email protected]

Custom gingerbread houses from Brighton Cakes