The Naked Cakes Trend

//The Naked Cakes Trend

The Naked Cakes Trend

This year has been our busiest so far for cakes without icing or so-called naked cakes. The trend shows no signs of abating with more and more couples opting for a natural looking cake laden with fresh summer fruits. And there are certainly many advantages to having them.

  • Fresher as they are made literally the night before the wedding and assembled on the day of the wedding just a few hours before the reception
  • Easier on the budget – because there is no icing to worry about less time is required on finishing off the cakes so you get more cake for your money.
  • They look really inviting and moreish with big piles of fruit and butter cream enticing you in.
  • They still look like a wedding cake and work brilliantly in rustic settings such as barn or tent receptions.

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It’s difficult to say why the humble naked cake has experienced such a meteoric rise but part of it is no doubt to do with the  desire of many couples to have a day that seems a little bit homemade, a little bit less polished. The British love affair with all things baked continues unabated with ever popular programmes such as The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef which makes it seems only natural that people would gravitate towards cakes that are a little less polished, a little more homely. The popularity of striking, traditional iced wedding cakes remains as buoyant as ever but the nostalgia many people feel for all things vintage is fuelling a rise in more tea party like weddings and latterly the naked cakes.

They may be naked but there is still plenty of scope for customisation and personalisation from the types fruit used to the flavour and shape of the cakes. Flowers can be added in too along with cake toppers, bunting and even twigs, leaves and grasses.

They are not limited to weddings either and work equally well for birthdays and other celebrations.

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