Rugby Ball Cake

//Rugby Ball Cake

Rugby Ball Cake

upright rugby ball cake

It was a couple of months ago that we were asked to create a cake for a good friend of mine’s joint 60th birthday. They asked for a simple round or square cake, nothing too fancy, enough to feed 40 people.

But in typical Brighton Cakes style we thought that would be really boring so we decided to do something a little different. They sent us a list of their passions and we took it from there. Both of them like rugby so we started toying with the idea of a rugby ball cake. But having looked online for inspiration we decided that all the rugby cakes out there were nice but well, just a bit too normal.

That was when we decided that an upright rugby ball cake would be far more fun. However, nothing like this is ever simple and the construction of it was as complicated if not more so, than the actual decorating. Firstly, we had to carve the bottom third of rugby ball from foam core and attach it to the board, easier said than done. In the end we opted for a 6″ round cake as the base then hammered dowels through the base of the ball into the cake underneath. We then piled up a load of 6″ rounds which were then carved into shape to give the distinctive rugby ball look.

The base of the cake was then covered in individual airbrushed blades of fondant grass to a) hide the base and b) make it look like the rugby ball was ready to be kicked by the lovely Johnny Wilkinson (swoon!) It took flipping forever doing those damn blades but individual blades just look more realistic.

To include all their other passions we had them printed on edible paper and let them cascade down the side of the cake. Finally we finished it off with figurines of the couple sitting atop the ball. In the end it measured not far off 2ft high.