Zoella Cake – pretty rainbows and hidden surprises

//Zoella Cake – pretty rainbows and hidden surprises

Zoella Cake – pretty rainbows and hidden surprises

zalfie cake collage

I can’t quite believe we have just made a cake for Zoella – yes, I had to ask who she was too but if you’re under 25 you know.

It’s not every day though that we get asked to make a cake for a bona fide celebrity but when Blink Publishing got in touch and asked us to make a cake for vlogger sensation Alfie Deyes for the launch of his new book we couldn’t resist. Suffice to say Alfie loved it, vlogged about it and was very complimentary. Alfie is also the boyfriend of another big YouTube star – Zoella. I have heard of both of them but it is my ten-year-old daughter who is a huge fan – I think I am getting old!

Anyway, last week I got a text from Alfie asking if we could make Zoella’s dream birthday cake. We couldn’t say no and set about creating a pretty rainbow effect cake with vanilla sponge inside. The cake itself was a polka dot surprise cake – vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and jam but with colourful polka dot balls inside as well. The outside of the cake was covered in fondant and airbrushed a delicate rainbow shade all the way through. The top was drizzled with cream royal icing and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. This was then topped off with meringues which we made by colouring up the meringue mixture with pale rainbow colours before piping them out. The whole cake was then finished off with a spritz of lustre dust to give it a little sparkle.

I think it is fair to say, given the phenomenal numbers of facebook posts and tweets we have received, that the cake went down well and amidst all the twitter and instagram frenzy we have been quietly continuing our baking here in Brighton Cakes HQ in Hove.

Email us if you want your very own Zoella cake for your celebration