Branded cakes – Five reasons you need to send them to your clients

//Branded cakes – Five reasons you need to send them to your clients

Branded cakes – Five reasons you need to send them to your clients

It can be difficult creating a lasting impression with your clients, one that makes you stand out in their minds and come to you again and again for your product or service. Sending them branded cakes or indeed cupcakes is a great way to plant your business firmly in their minds. Plus they’ll think you’re probably pretty nice as well. We’ve pulled together five reasons why it’s a no-brainer

It’s an effective way to get you noticed

Salesforce branded cakesI don’t know about you but my inbox is stuffed full of newsletters, email campaigns and special offers. 16,000 at the last count and that’s just my own email! Yes, I do click on some of them and some I have ordered from or used in the past but it would probably take me the best part of the next couple of months to wade through all of them. There’s nothing wrong with sending electronic invites and I do it myself, but just imagine how much more effective having a dozen cupcakes land on your desk might be? Especially if they’re branded with your logo.

It’s a cost effective way to get someone’s attention

You don’t have to spend a fortune to send out branded cakes to people. Our cupcakes start from £2.50 for a minimum of 12. That’s £30 to get their attention. Larger corporate cakes start from £75. If the business you might get out of it is worth hundreds or thousands of pounds then that could be money well spent.

It shows you care

If you’ve taken the time to send a cake to your clients or prospective clients it shows you’re thinking about them. They’re not just another number on your sales list. It says you’ve taken the time to think about something that might appeal to them and that extra mile will translate into the product or service you provide.

Branded cakes are a great way to say thank you

Sending a small token of your appreciation like these Salesforce cupcakes can do wonders for repeat business. It also gives everyone a warm fuzzy feeling. Whether you’re sending one to a client who has just concluded business with you or thanking your staff for all their hard work, it generates that all-important positive atmosphere. I’ve worked in places in the past where they literally didn’t give two hoots about their staff. Needless to say, morale was low and staff turnover was high. Little acts of kindness such as sending a branded cake can go a long way to building positive relationships and creating productive staff – all things which will ultimately benefit your bottom line.


Net XP poker branded cakesBranded cakes are great for social media sharing

Paying for advertising is expensive, we all know that, and sometimes it can be rather hit and miss. Social media reach is really important for most businesses though again it’s not always easy to get your voice heard. But if you send cakes, the chances are the recipients will tweet about it, Instagram it or Facebook it. We have one particular client who orders lots of branded gingerbread houses every Christmas to thank their clients. Now in their fourth year of doing so, it has become something of a tradition and many of their clients post on social media when they receive them – pictures of their staff eating them, smiling with them and even smashing them. What better way to get your name out there into the internet ether and stand out?

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