Corporate gingerbread gifts – why you NEED them for your clients

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Corporate gingerbread gifts – why you NEED them for your clients

Corporate gingerbread gifts and gingerbread housesI’m going to do it. Yes. I really am. I am mentioning the C-word…

Christmas for all you dirty minded folk out there! I know it’s only July but there are just 161 sleeps until Christmas Day and if I’m starting to think about gingerbread gifts so should you.

I daresay we probably think about them in different ways. I start to have dreams about sticking on thousands of Smarties, wading through kilos of treacle and hundreds of eggs. You probably think oh they’re really cool, my kids would like some. Hmm maybe even my clients would like some.

Annual Christmas thank you gifts

Christmas is always that time of year when you want to say thank you to your valued clients, make them think of you and your business and get them to buy your products or services in the coming year and beyond. Gifts are also just a nice way to say you are thinking of them and you care.

But it’s sometimes difficult to know what to get clients that will make them smile. Wine? Easy to come by, most people like it. Tougher to share though, and what if you’re client is teetotal? Chocolates? Very yummy but also been done before. Gingerbread gifts? Houses, cookies, giant trees festooned with edible decorations? Tasty yes, a little bit different yes, unique to your business most definitely.


Great for sharing

A gingerbread gift is just begging to be shared. Whether it’s a house, a sleigh or a tree, they’re designed to be picked at, nibble on and pulled apart. They’re a talking point, a chance to gather and take five minutes out of the daily office routine. It brightens people’s days. And if you’re the one giving them the gingerbread you’ll be responsible for all that happiness.


Have your own company gingerbread house

Gingerbread gifts don’t have to be generic. There are standard designs which can have your company logo put on them or a personalised message. But equally, you can have a gingerbread gift designed specifically for your company – maybe you prefer a Swiss log cabin, a giant gingerbread Christmas tree or even a sleigh.  Perhaps you’d like to see a train station, famous building or object? Gingerbread iPhone anyone?!

Corporate gingerbread gifts and corporate christmas gift ideas

 Use gingerbread gifts to get social media hits

There’s nothing like a brightly decorated, ridiculously sweet and very cool gingerbread gift to get people talking. If there’s one thing our corporate clients tell us it’s that their clients love getting the annual gingerbread gift. They tweet about it, put pictures on Facebook, Instagram it and pinterest it (not even sure all those are proper verbs but what the hell?!) That’s a whole heap of advertising and marketing with your name without you even trying.


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Corporate gingerbread gifts for christmas