Four ways cake can help you build a positive company culture

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Four ways cake can help you build a positive company culture

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Whether your business is large or small it will have a company culture. It’s not always something that’s easy to define but it’s there, and depending on whether it’s fantastic or toxic it can either help or hinder your business growth.

I once worked for a company, which shall remain nameless, where the culture was so abysmal that staff retention rates were through the floor and morale was terrible. Staff were treated merely as numbers rather than people by senior management and were therefore considered expendable.

At the opposite end of the scale are the likes of Google and Facebook who are well-known for their positive, employee-centred cultures. More often than not their workplaces resemble adult playgrounds rather than a place of business. But the serious point of all that is they’re great places to work – they value their staff and understand the importance of building an attractive environment.

If you’re worried about not having the financial clout of Google to be able to create breakout areas, offer subsidised massages and free dental, medical, dry cleaning and haircuts, then don’t be. There is plenty you can do to make your staff feel valued, welcome and part of a fantastic team – it doesn’t break the bank but it does involve cake!

  1. Create Cake Friday

You’ve heard of Beer Friday, why not create a Cake Friday. Beer or a glass of wine is good but not everyone wants to drink, especially if they have to drive home after work. Instead, consider ordering in a couple of loaf cakes or a dozen fresh cupcakes for them to share among the team.

It’s a great way to get them bonding and chatting to each other. Plus, as the boss, it shows you care.

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  1. Celebrate their achievements with a cake

Reward and recognition are an important part of building a company culture and it’s amazing how much difference it can make if you let your staff know you value their hard work.

If they hit a particular target some chocolate brownies can go down a treat, if your team has finish a project ahead of schedule, reward them with a slice of something nice.

  1. Mark the big occasions

 Whether it’s your first anniversary in business or your tenth, ordering a stupendous cake to celebrate it can really create a buzz. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – it could be as simple as a big round cake with your logo and anniversary on. At the other end of the scale, you could opt for something spectacular to make any celebrations you’re organising go with a bang.


  1. Take them on a cake team building workshop

 Getting your staff out of the office can do them the power of good and allow them to return to work fully refreshed. Sending them on away days can also help them to work as a team, to improve communication and practise leadership skills. Cake workshops are just one of many different course you can send them on to provide a bit of fun and give them a much-needed break.


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