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Since we began nearly a decade ago we have gained a strong reputation for bold, show-stopping designer wedding, celebration and corporate cakes that go outside the box.

We have also branched out into gingerbread houses, teaching adults and children alike how to put them together at Christmas in what has become something of a Brighton tradition.

Our aim has always been to build a business that knocks spots off of other cake companies and stands out from the crowd, not only for our excellent cakes but also for our customer service and professionalism.

Every client is treated as an individual, and every cake is given the utmost care and attention. All cakes are custom-designed and no two creations are ever quite the same.

When you order from us you can be sure of receiving fantastic service and an amazing cake at the end of it all. We guide you through the design process every step of the way until we reach a final design that you are happy with.

We love to showboat but we also make sure to remember the cakes aren’t all about us, they’re about you, your celebrations, your life, your hopes and your dreams.

We make every effort to include all of those in the cakes we create for you and even if we only play a small part in your special events we are very happy to know we have done our bit and made your day that much better.

Fay Millar founder of Brighton Cakes

Fay Millar founded Brighton Cakes after her first daughter was born, taking what was a passion and a hobby and turning it into a thriving business. With a strong family history in the arts, Brighton Cakes is the culmination of Fay’s heritage, own artistic leanings and a desire to bring great cakes to everyone.

When not busy in the kitchen Fay still works as a freelance writer or can be found down the gym, working off all the cake she has eaten that day!