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Nothing to hide…

Whilst we love playing with fondant and making beautiful cakes we also love the natural beauty of cakes just as they are.

There is nothing quite so nice as a naked wedding cake – fresh vanilla sponge, layered with lashings of vanilla buttercream and strawberry or raspberry preserve, then covered with fresh fruit or flowers.

Our naked wedding cakes all have three layers of soft, moist sponge sandwiched with two layers of deliciously sweet and light buttercream and jam.

They are perfect for a country-style, casual vintage or rustic-themed wedding but still retain the look of a tiered wedding cake giving you a relaxed feel but still a fabulous cake to cut in front of your guests.

You also get a cake that is as close to being served straight out of the oven as we can get. The naked cakes are literally baked the day before your event and then assembled on site just before your reception to ensure they stay as fresh as humanly possible.

Even the fruit is bought the morning of the wedding. Short of picking it ourselves we can’t get fresher than that!

Naked wedding cakes can be dressed with fresh seasonal fruit and/or fresh flowers. If you want further decoration we can also add in sugar decorations, cake toppers and figurines to your naked wedding cake. We can even create different tiers so some are chocolate and some are vanilla or even lemon and if you really want it super fresh we can substitute real cream for the buttercream. However, if you go for this option your venue will need a fridge big enough for us to store it until the moment of cutting.

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The Nitty Gritty

  • We offer three sizes as standard with set prices for each.
  • Price includes fresh fruit and/or flowers. Sugar decorations, toppers and figurines will be quoted separately
  • Delivery and set up is free within Brighton and Hove. If your wedding venue is further afield a delivery charge will apply.
  • Square, heart and petal-shaped naked cakes are also available but there is a variation in price for these.
  • Other shapes and extra tiers are available. Please email us (link) for details.
  • For more information take a look at our FAQs.
Size Round Portions Round Cost Square Portions Square Cost
Size 1 12”, 10”, 8” Approx 118 £325 (£2.75 per person) Approx 154 £424
Size 2 12”, 9”, 6” Approx 98 £309 (£3.15 per person) Approx 126 £397
Size 3 10”, 8”, 6” Approx 74 £259 (£3.50 per person) Approx 100 £350

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