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Let’s face it none of us likes to talk pricing but it is a necessary evil whether you are buying a car, house or a cake.

As most of our cakes are custom, we do not have set pricing instead we base each price on the size of the cake, the work required, the hours that will take and the complexity of the job in hand.

How much I hear some of you cry? It’s just a cake why am I paying this?

But what we do at Brighton Cakes is so much more than cake. Not only do we actually bake the cakes using the freshest, finest ingredients we can lay our hands on but we tailor them individually to you. Sometimes this process can involve several hours of work before we have even so much as lifted a spoon and cracked the eggs. Sketches take time, emails take time and so do consultations. After that, there is the baking, leveling, filling, sculpting, and decoration, which again, can take many hours of work. All this is so we can give you what you really want – a fantastic cake that you won’t see anywhere else.

Simple Celebration CakesFrom £75
Detailed Celebration CakesFrom £125
3D Sculpted CakesFrom £150
Architectural CakesFrom £250
3 tier wedding cakes (to feed 75)From £400
4 tier wedding cakes (to feed 130)From £550
5 tier plus wedding cakes (to feed 200+)From £700
Small Naked Cake (to feed 75)£250
Medium Naked Cake (to feed 100)
Large Naked Cake (to feed 120)£316
Cupcakes From £2.50 for basic cupcakes, from £3 for branded cupcakes and from £4 for complex cupcakes. Minimum order 12
Giant Cupcakes£40
CookiesFrom £3.50 each for iced cookies. Minimum order 12
Standard Gingerbread HousesFrom £55
Custom-designed Gingerbread HousesFrom £100